Wednesday, October 26, 2011

watchya wearin' ?

Here's my Halloween costume sorted. This year I'm doing this thing with a friend: get yourself a non-stereotypical halloween costume and pose in front of your nearest major landmark. This year I'm a bat.

You will need:
A broken black fold-up umbrella
A bra insert
Shoes from the 80s

1. Cut the umbrella in half, so you end up with two semi-circles. Cut the handle off somehow. This may involve bringing out the wire-cutters.

2. Cut the bra insert in half along its short axis. Sew each half onto a piece of elastic and turn into a headband. You now have your ears.

3. Pin your wings onto your clothes/catsuit, be sure to pin them to your wrists and body.

4. Paint on larger-than-life cat-tails, black nail polish, apply fake eyelashes and all that jazz. Et voila!

So anyone else looking forward to Ye Olde Hallow's Eve? :)

XO Cendrillon

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