Sunday, October 2, 2011

Preppy is Pretty

Bundling up for winter is something I greatly enjoy. The process of popping on thoise extra layers does wonders for my mood. In fact, I only have two seasons to my year: the very cold and the rather warm. That is why this sudden heatwave is sending me into a rage - I can't stand misplaced and unseasonal weather, and I hate the awkward in-between months of November, March or May. Bring on the crisp and frosty mornings of the fall! Here is an outfit I have put together for those days - an ensemble of wool and velvet, of understated hues with that slight touch of warmth and texture which makes truly great winter clothes so desirable. To find these little beauties, I took a trip to H&M, Asos and Repetto. To be worn with a slightly ridiculous top-bun, painted nails and maybe a swipe of striking lipstick... Enjoy!

duffle coat

Black repetto flats (image found here)

XO Cendrillon

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