Thursday, October 20, 2011

Les Choses Qui ne Sont pas Glamour

The things which aren't glamorous.
The first in a series of posts about the things you shouldn't be doing if you want to resemble those Parisian goddesses everyone's talking about.

1. Trowels of eyeshadow are like warpaint.
 You just end up looking like a drug addict. Eyeshadow in subdued tones, applied with a small brush along the lower lid can look phenomenal, but coloured eyeshadows, especially pinks and purples, are an absolute no-no. Chanel here is a major offender, but then again, it's best not to follow catwalk make-up trends.

{image found here}

2. Dark Lipstick isn't pretty.
 It's not chic. Sure, it's got attitude - a gothic undertone and, furthermore, it makes you look unhealthy. Studies have shown that the redder your mouth, the more attractive it is, because it demonstrates good oxygen carriage in your capillaries. This is supposed to ensure good DNA and be an asset to procreation, so the opposite sex find it more attractive on a subconscious, biological level. OK, so Megan Fox looks reasonably good here, but there's a slight aspect of aggression, isn't there? Furthermore, I can't help but note that this was taken at the premiere of Jennifer's Body, where Fox plays a teenage vampire. Was her stylist trying to echo this in her outfit perhaps? Remember:Your first goal in looking beautiful is to look clean. As long as you look (and smell) clean your outfit/make-up can be as minimalist as you like, you'll be fine. Looking dirty is an absolute crime.

{image found here}

3. Long blond locks can be a bit much. 
How many Parisians have you seen with hair past their shoulder blades? The answer is not many. Let me tell you why. Hair has long been a motif and a demonstration of sexuality, in a psychological sense. Long, loose hair, is a reflection of the woman. And, to return to the concept of cleanliness, it's slightly mangy when it goes beyond the under-wire of your bra. So keep it short. Short hair has attitude, and can still be gorgeous, but you concentrate on the face more.  Dree Hemingway's got it right in all departments:

{image found here}

She therefore wins our beauty laureate of the day, in that a) look at 'em peepers: clean, discreet, gorgeous eyebrows, fabulously understated, b) her mouth is fab, c) She's got the bedhead thing goin' on, but it's no longer than the second button of her cardigan. Simple and Sexy.

XO Cendrillon

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