Friday, July 30, 2010

Bijou Burgers

Here is Cendrillon's first recipe (did I mention I was aiming for an all-rounded blog?): Bijou Burgers, 'bijou' being the French for jewel, also a paraphrase for cute, small or appealing. If you are anything of a foodie you will go into ecstasy over these. They are quite fast to make, and add a gourmet twist to what is supposedly the symbol of fast food, obese America. They are delicious open-topped on toasted bread.

Ingredients:(serves 4)

For the burgers:
1 packet 5% fat beef mince
2 onions
1 loaf of bread, sliced and toasted
1 1/2 cups of finely ground nuts (e.g. hazelnut, almond or coconut)
Olive oil

Lamb's Lettuce

1. Mince the onions in an electric mixer, place in a frying pan with olive oil, paprika and herbes de provence (basil, thyme, estragon) until translucent.

2.Mix the mince, onions and nuts together and, with your hands, form patties about 6cm in diameter. Fry them until crispy brown and serve immediately.

3. Mix the mustard and honey together to make sweet mustard (optional), melt cheese on top and decorate with roquette or lamb's lettuce, and enjoy!

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