Wednesday, July 21, 2010

La Ballerine Cendrillon

Did you know that Rose Repetto, head of the Paris-based brand for ballerina flats, originally manufacturer of ballet point shoes; upon request from French icon Brigitte Bardot, created a 'Cendrillon' shoe (plain ballerina pump) and dedicated it to her? I thought that was worth mentioning due to the Cendrillon reference.
Cendrillon is French for Cinderella, my favourite fairy tale. In one of the older versions, a morale is included, dictating that if one is nothing other than good and not in the least spiteful, even in the worst of circumstances, happiness will come to you in great abundance. Did you also know that the original Cinderella slipper was not made of glass but of squirrel fur? There are several theories afloat about this switch, some say it was Perrault's intention to change the slipper to glass, others claim it was a mistranslation from the old french vair, meaning a rare and very luxurious type of squirrel fur, a homonym of verre, meaning glass.

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