Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hi there! Welcome to Cendrillon. Here you will be invited to read about the day-to-day lives of two fifteen-year-olds enjoying their formative years in the cultural gem of Paris, France. Count on seeing recipes, comments on the times, discussions of current trends, interviews of people who inspire us; where to be and when, where to shop, where to eat and at what time...
Ten things you should know about us:

1. Our names are Juliana and Stephanie and we live respectively in the Quartier Latin and the Parisian suburbs.
2. We are die-hard gourmets.
3. We love retro film camera photography, expect to see us meandering on the Pont des Arts with various bits of equipment around our necks...
4. We are also emerging vintage fashionistas
5. Our favourite foods are falafels from the Marais and macaroons from Laduree
6. Juliana has art classes in the attics of the Louvre (how cool is that?)
7. We're vicious hagglers for vintage treasures and like to haunt the Marais until late at night, eating exceptionally greasy Greek food that is only yummy as long as you can't see it.
8. Our favourite hobby: people-watching
9. I am trying to learn to sew, it's taking a while...
10. We love Paris!!!

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