Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aurèle, 15 Rue Royale, Paris

Buy of the month? A pair of real 50's pink satin-covered stilettos! Absolutely gorgeous, they are a fetichist's dream. Everything about them is perfect, apart from a little hardly-noticeable water-staining on the toe--I have been in raptures ever since we bought them in a lightning buy in Patine et Paillettes, my favorite shop in all of Uzes, selling a combination of secondhand clothing and antiques. These were in the antiques section, and come with a cute little clutch bag.

I hope after this post that it is sill clear that I am a die-hard feminist.
You know 'stiletto' means dagger in Italian? Therefore I think that stilettos should be a symbol of feminist empowerment, and not the icon of femininity.

Thanks to my sister for modelling the clutch.

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