Saturday, August 7, 2010

Keep it tight!

Choosing tights is a fine art. I think we all agree that once you hit your teens, or your mid-teens, or sometime definitely before you turn 18, that you should drop those opaque coloured, stripy, dotted or jaquard specimens that were one of the staples of your wardrobe, to be assorted with pleated snot green cord skirts. Re-wearing tights that have been laddered goes against all my natural dressing instincts and I think that for day-to-day wear semi-opaque black tights are the way to go, as they reduce the size of your legs through optical illusion, and are far more appealing than beige tights (also to - please - be forever dropped from your wardrobe). Fishnets are another touchy subject, but that's another story. Your tights can also make a loud statement, but remember to keep it tasteful. In these two cases I would suggest wearing them with flat-heeled footwear, such as boots, brogues, ankle boots, etc.
Picture 2: Worn with Andre boots, thrifted skirt, United Colours of Benetton shirt.
Picture 1: thrifted dress, vintage oxfords.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!
xo Cendrillon

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