Monday, August 9, 2010

Food of the Week

When we come down south I always indulge in a sensory exploration, especially with my food. My poor family have to suffer my experiments, which, though I say so myself, aren't all that bad. Well, there was the time I made those stuffed tomatoes but the rice was, how shall I say, 'al dente.' Rice isn't my forte yet. Anyway, here are just some random food-related pictures I've picked up which hopefully will get your cooking zeal going....

Dried hibiscus petals to make a tart but very refreshing tea.

Delicious figs!
I love the shape and colour of this red cabbage.

A little restaurant we stopped at on the Place Crillon before going to see Mondes Paralleles, a hip hop show performed by a small troupe of very talented dancers, I've just thrown out the flyer which would have given you their names, how annoying. This restaurant was simply called 'Restaurant Le Crillon', so there you go.

Steak Tartar with oven potatoes
A little light salad to start off the Festivities...
LOVE dried ham...

Good ol' Orangina

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