Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I had so much fun preparing this series - please excuse the volley of posts all on the same topic. So, let's sum it up: we had the hipster wedding in Paris (Un Peu Bobo), where Baroque takes on new colours; the unconventionally chic wedding in California (Un Peu Rock) with wedges and netting, the southern wedding (On Dirait le Sud) with subdued colours and an olive orchard, the fresh spring (Delicatesse Printaniere) with whites and greens galore, the hippy one complete with teepee (A Very Hippy Occasion), the classic French country party - white dress, champagne, chateau (Oysters and Champagne), and finally the beach wedding (Nouvelle Vague).

So it was fun. I got to indulge my inner little girl by making wedding inspiration boards. But then I think, we all talk about having the perfect wedding, and suddenly it occurred to me: what exactly is that? What makes your wedding perfect? Is it the guestlist? Is it how good your skin looks or what the groom wears? Is it the seating plan, the menu, the centrpeices, the flowers, the flowergirls, the lace, the hair - what? Why does it matter? Is it really going to be the most important day of your life?

I am a firm believer in eloping. Enough said. I'll be signing a piece of paper for my wedding, and maybe I'll have a party afterwards. I'll be frightfully tasteful and wear black and smoke from a cigarette holder and dance until the early hours of the morning and drink absolutely nothing but champagne, and it'll be worth remembering. I might have flowers and I might not have a something blue, I certainly won't have a veil and I'll wear flat shoes. There will be really amazing burgers and lots of gorgeous men in black tie.

What do you want your ideal wedding to be like? traditional? unconventional?

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