Monday, May 28, 2012


I believe that peaches have the ability to heal. I believe that sunshine is good for the soul. My gods are Macneice and Keats and Kipling, Hughes, Plath, Fitzgerald, Tolkien. My heroes are Simba and Aslan, Harry (and Ron and Hermione), Heathcliff, Tristan, Isolde, Arthur, Audrey, Max and his Wild Things, the Velveteen Rabbit, Helen of Troy, Tom, Jerry, Achilles - and they have been my constancy. And as long as there are secret gardens to be found, Rochesters to be won, children who require Narnia, and a land where the bong-trees grow, that shall be my ideology. I believe that careers are a figment of the 20th century, the age of chivalry is not yet dead, hope is the ambrosia of all dreamers. Above all I believe that there are revolutions yet to be had.

- Ava Heywood

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