Thursday, March 15, 2012


I think certain people will have certain very interesting things to say about the Kony 2012 campaign. Sociologists, I'm sure. They'll say it was a manifestation of the global community, this is what Facebook and Twitter and Blogger were made for: to be vehicles for grass-root political movements, not minute-feeds of egotistical crap.A hot-and-cheesy (yum). 298 pictures of myself in a bikini. Musings on the nature of a wedge shoe.
And yet, part of me is repulsed by this drumming up of the young, This shocking into consciousness. An aggressive assertion of the American high school, college student. It is they, not the infants of a Ugandan sun, that are invisible, and they clamour to be heard. The disenchanted, fractured youth of America now raises its fists against a shadowy child army, they have made their own army, to 'fight for peace'. Across the Atlantic and here, there, a little bit of everywhere, you can hear the teenagers roar.
This is defiance of every criticism of social networking sites from the young, a feat to convince the old that viral media can be used for the greater good. This is, by and large, a surge of anger, teenage resentment for adult disapproval, nothing more. They are trying to prove something: that even when young they can make a difference. The whole campaign is a vent for pent-up frustration about disregard for new technologies. The children who have disappeared through the computer screen into that impersonal wonderland are screaming, and they grow more numerous every day. Their conscripts swell in number due to that long-ingrained convention of rebellion.
And I thought this might be reasonably fitting:


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