Thursday, December 15, 2011

Loving... the tux

Up till now, I was very prejudiced against the female tux. I thought it was just another example of the woman androgynising herself, of of society androgynising her, another way of designers seeking to frame models' boyish outlines in an aesthetically-pleasing way. And you might have thought that someone like me, who loves the excessive profession of feminity, would have believed that. But it was just about a week ago when I took another look, and realised that they are THE MOST goddamn sexy, alternative outfit for formal dressing there is out there, except for a shortsuit at a wedding (CHECK OUT Kate Moss last summer - SO edgy), so here are some of my favourites. And it is now my endeavour to make the perfect three-piece suit - all you need is cigarette trousers, cute, sparkly shoes (preferrably with straps), NO SHIRT (or a lingerie camisole, silk, with lace), a short blazer, a large cocktail ring, bangles, a French twist with baby curls artfully spiralling out. And you'd be sorted for a night of fun and festivities, of making heads turn.

YSL's 'Smoking'

Mary Kate Olsen - the trousers on this one are simply genius 

Doesn't Anne Hathaway look gorgeous in this one?

XO Cendrillon

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