Monday, July 4, 2011

In the shadow of a Cyprus Tree

Ah, the rolling golden hills of Northern Italy - a place of rich colours and voluptuous shades of gold and bronze.
A place to eat gelati under the shade of a voluminous sunhat and roll tagliatelli around one's plate in the shade of a honey-hued house or the glow of a sunset-warmed plaza. The outfits required are delicate mousseline skirts, sandals, baskets for collecting fresh produce from abundant farmers markets and baggy blouses for that air of breezy grace (also allows for weight gain if you plan on gorging yourself on ravioli). Top it all off with chunky, rough-hewn gold jewellery and you're set for a summer of aquamarine pools and cocktails on the terrace of some villa or other. May it be simply glamorous, darlings!
Toast basket
Toast sandals

Zara top
Anthropologie Bangle

Xo Cendrillon

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