Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Picture Perfect

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you may remember that in my very first post I mentioned that I simply LOVED retro film photography.
Since then I have moved on from plain 'film' to specifically analog photography, the new love of my picture-snapping life. Here is my wishlist of Lomography cameras I am hoping to get my hands on some time soon:

This is the Lomo LC A+ Krab Underwater Housing - a waterproof case for the Lomo LC A+ (my personal baby), which takes those same charmingly grainy and whimsical shots as the plain Lomo. Hoping to scrape around the allowance barrel and sport this device on the beaches of Southern France this summer. £65.00

Drum roll for the Diana Mini! The most adorable Diana on the block, this is undeniably practical as it's SO light. Another advantage of the Diana Mini as opposed to the Classic Diana is that the Mini can do a split frame, so you can get double the amount of pictures. Oh, and it takes 35mm film, which is often easier to get hold of than 120mm (the size required for a Classic). £50.00 for the plain camera and £80.00 with flash.

Last but not least, the Fuji Instax 50S Piano Black: a recent renovation on a world favourite - the POLAROID! I personally find this model much more aesthetically pleasing than the slightly older Fuji Instax Mini 7S, simply because it is infinitely more chic. Just look at that sleek black silhouette! It takes pictures about the size of a credit card which develop within the minute. Tout simplement genius. £220.00

Find the Diana Mini here
Find the Lomo LC A+ Krab Underwater Housing here
Find the Fuji Instax 50S Piano Black here

image found here
image found here

Xo Cendrillon

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