Tuesday, June 28, 2011


You may have already guessed it, but Cendrillon is launching into what is starting to look increasingly like a very jet-settish summer, by flying halfway around the world to go to China for two weeks! I am extremely excited. By the way, pictures of Paris will be up shortly, I just have to ask my photo-snapping friend for some of her appealing shots, or rather, pictures I took on her magnificent Canon but then was forced to lug around town for the rest of day.
But more about Beijing! We'll be spending a week in central Beijing, and the to Shangxi Province for another. Any suggestions for some souvenir shopping? I was thinking something along the lines of some traditional jewellery or slippers? Any recommendations welcome!
So far, I'm looking forward to some intense heat and some time in a completely different place from home. I'm also dying for the exquisite food and the opportunity to see the Great Wall - a childhood aspiration of mine. Accompanying me will, of course, be my Lomo LC A+, my new favourite camera after my 35mm Nikon (which is too high maintenance, so it's staying home, poor thing), and lots of colour negative film.

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