Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Dear Readers, stitchers, sewers and crafters,

Just thought I might share what I have on my stitch list this season (i.e., what i plan on making for myself, with some rudimentary sewing skills and an age-old sewing machine. this normally implies me damaging the sewing machine somehow and breaking down in tears of frustration - not easy to deal with):

1. An oversize leather clutch. I've seen several around lately, and have fallen in love. I plan on making a simple 30x20 suede leather rectangle with a utilitiariam zip and a wrist loop. as for sourcing the leather, I already have a suitable suede skirt sourced in a charity shop. for those of you who aren't wild about getting down and dirty with a needle and thread, there is no need to look far: Bimba&Lola have some very beautiful specimens at very reasonable prices, which you can find here.

2.An enormous leather tote. This might be a little harder to source, so I might just have to turn to Zara for this one... just something you can bung things in for a weekend, a trip to the beach or a shopping trip. you know, the perfect bag for someone who has attachment issues with the contents of their make-up bags and such. Know what I mean?

3. A make-up bag. Anyone recognising a theme here? Yes, so the insightful amongst you will be deducing that I aspire to a life of organisation, or rather, that my orgonisational skills extend to grouping things by function and putting them in bags and boxes. Oh well. My current make-up bag is too small and looks like the kind of wash bag that a four-year-old might cherish... I would really like a leather one, a sort of irresistibly chic and yet indestructible one on a simple shape. For those not inclined towards getting friendly with a sewing machine, you can look here.

image via Polyvore
image via elle.fr
Zara clutch

XO Cendrillon

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