Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fleamarket Finds

Dear Readers,
Amidst the motley array of bedraggled barbie dolls, broken electrical appliances and the occasional fragment of costume jewellery that makes up the neighbouring town's yearly flea market, I happened to chance upon this lovely Hermes Kelly-esque bag, covered in real crocodile skin. As I already have many brown framed bags I decided to augment this one's charm by adding a shoulder strap. Originally I had thought of adding a military khaki strap such as is depicted in this inspiring picture off Garance Dore's blog:

I seemed to remember having such a thing, it was a clip-on strap which had previously belonged to a rather dingy briefcase, used as an english bag when I was about seven. I found the briefcase, but it was lacking the strap I so desperately needed, so I resorted to the haberdashery drawer in our sewing room. there I found a lovely, broad black ribbon which I quickly stitched on and here are the results:

XO Cendrillon

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