Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back from Florence!

Why hello there! So basically with my trusty guidebook and camera, I discovered two vital things about Florence:

1- no angry shopkeepers, despite the hordes of tourists
2- awesome street artists (i.e. people selling art in the street. Somehow I don't think anyone would get away with spraypainting Brunelleschi's masterpiece)

... And I though I'd give you the classic list of top 5 Florentine moments:

1 - climbing the Duomo Campanile - when I got to the top I had it all to myself because everyone was over on the dome.

2 - Coffee on the roof of the Uffizi (there's the usual overpriced cafe once you have finished the museum tour) - the view is great

3 - Having mind-blowing lemon sorbet at the foot of San Miniato al Monte (before climbing the hill and listening to Gregorian chants)

4 - The view from San Miniato al Monte

5 - Seeing David for free after 8 o'clock and having him all to yourself...

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