Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dine Divine: London

Today, I thought I'd share my three favourite London restaurants:

The Banana Tree is a chain of restaurants specialising in South East Asian cuisine, and it's incredible. I went to the West Hampstead branch, and had tofu followed by cashew duck. Amongst the most memorable meals of my life. Find it here (you can even download the menu!). Great for a straightforward dinner out.

Bincho is a Japanese restaurant that specialises in yakitori, or grilled meat (so no sushi). I went for a friend's birthday, and had soft-shell crab, grilled salmon, eel, squid sashimi salad, saki and I loved it! You order a minimum of two of each thing you want, and just keep ordering. The service is really fast and it makes for a very diverse and filling meal. Reasonably priced but it builds up.

Galvin La Chapelle & Galvin Cafe a Vin are both based in Spitalfields, next door to each other. I went to the latter, and they provided us with an amazing welcome drink, made with some sort of apple spritzer, prosecco and a piece of bitter orange rind. I had lamb and white bean soup, both delectable. Perfect for a sophisticated lunch, but pricey. La Chapelle is a slightly more high-calibre restaurant. Oh, and they have a Michelin star!

{Cafe a Vin}

{La Chapelle}

And the funny thing? All the waiters in London, no matter the place, are foreigners! 

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