Friday, November 11, 2011

BUCKET LIST 2011-2012 PART 1

  1.     Get hyper, then get happy
  2.     Never hide
  3.     Release a thai sky lantern
  4.      Work hard, play hard
  5.          Say ‘I love you’ once a day, and mean it
  6.     Find the Paris Statue of Liberty
  7.     Do something really romantic
  8.     Buy a pair of cowboy boots
  9.          Buy ONE THING that makes me feel truly beautiful
  10.          Find a way to swallow sunshine, and do it
  11.          Write something
  12.          Write a letter at least once a month
  13.          Kiss someone on the Eiffel tower
  14.          Wear a onesie
  15.          Swim.
  16.          BUY SOMETHING RED
  17.          Give thanks for all the loving I get, and everything else
  18.          VOW TO BE WEIRDER
  19.          Do something that someone will never forget
  20. .       Make something
  22. .      GO SAILING
  23.           Do 10 new things
  24.          Tell someone everything

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