Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Conflict Of Cliches

Now that the new season is upon us, time to discuss some trends: firstly, many thanks to whoever's brilliant idea it was to introduce the midi skirt! Over the past year or so, the catwalks have been a war of hemlines, and I am eternally grateful to the pacifist who introduced a compromise for both parties. A very elegant compromise, may I add. I have been coveting a particularly beautiful pleated specimen in Topshop, whilst the sewing machine at home beckons. I might just have to run into Paris to get myself a metre or two of pastel pink silk chiffon...
Wear your midi skirt with soft, washed-out cropped T-shirts to capture that boho vibe, or, if aiming for a more elegant look, pair it with a loose silk blouse. Blend texture and patterns and the mix is simply gorgeous, a simple embodiment of that summer serendipity for every shape and size.
Also looking forward to the emergence of the slave sandal, the natural evolution from gladiators, and large leather pouches. Brights are a recurring theme, whilst bodies at Lanvin and Chloe send shivers of anticipation down my spine.
To conclude, the curvy woman of the 50s that we worshipped last season has been swept aside, to be replaced by a young girl; small, androgynous, energetic. She wears mid-length skirts and satchels, slouchy slingbacks and stacked silver rings, and splashes her outfit with colour: a clutch here, a shoe there... To top it all off, she dashes on eyeliner and a natural lip stain, maybe a wide-brimmed sunhat a la Audrey Hepburn, and away she goes! Enjoy!

xo Cendrillon

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